The Female Pregnant Organism


  • Posted on: 4 December 2018
  • By: claudio

Let’s see now what happens in the woman’s body.

This artery, in red, is called the aorta: 

It comes from the heart, is divided in two, the external-iliac. From them come the uterine arteries, that take blood to the uterus.

In the other direction, the uterine veins meet the iliac veins, that bring the blood from the lower limbs, that in turn go to the cava vein and to the heart.

In the end of the pregnancy, when the woman lies down the uterus leans on these veins, aorta and inferior cava.

The cava vein has a pressure of just 4 mm of Mercury. So that you can understand whats that means, we will take the pulse of the radial artery.

Put your finger over that artery and try to stop the blood flow.

The pressure needed is equal to 80 mm/Hg.

The pressure needed to stop the cava veins in twenty times less.