Vertical Posture


  • Posted on: 5 December 2018
  • By: claudio

Yoga stresses the vertical position, with the legs crossed in different positions, to improve the meditation.

The same is observed in China; in Japan people also rest kneeling (seiza position). 

In the Tibetan wise man Milarepa’s book of poetry he describes the meditation that was given him as a task by his master. Squatting down, he increased his vital heat (Tumô), melting the snow around him. 

In those cultures, birth and death have a reserved and valued space.

There are, between us, habits and objects that canoot be separated from our day by day life. Their usage conditions our physical and behavioral alterations, exponentially.

One of them is electrical energy. The other, less evident, is the chair.

The use of the chair, with its supports, relaxes and annuls the body’s muscles, substituting the muscular tone necessary to keep the erect posture.

The chair’s seat assumes the function of the horizontal diafragm, the perineal muscles, composed by the vesical, perivaginal and anal sphincters. The chair’s back annuls the tone of abdominal and back muscles.

Associated with a sedentary life, the kind of food we eat and sociocultural conventions, it brings as immediate consequences problems with posture, prolapses of the pelvic organs, hemorrhoids and varicose veins that get worse with the passing of the years.

Eugène Atget - Corsets, Boulevard in Strasbourg, Paris, 1905.