Sexual Act


  • Posted on: 5 December 2018
  • By: claudio

During the sexual act penetration is a force that acts upwards; during childbirth forces go downwards, in the direction of the earth. 

On the sexual act, when the woman is excited, the vagina gets longer and dilated, changing its color, due to pelvic vasoconstriction.

With the evolution of this period, the wrinkles of the vaginal walls are smoothed. There is a stretching of the vaginal mucous walls and an involuntary expansion of the back two thirds of the vaginal channel.

In the period of orgasmic resolution, the basic reaction of the back of the channel is expansive and not restrictive. The front third of the vagina, an area of bulbar vein-constriction, is strongly contracted, with regular repetitions, during orgasm.

There is a contraction and an aspiring movement.

In sexual disfunctions blockings happen, that go from vaginism, in which the penetration is not allowed, to frigidity, in which the woman feels nothing and vasocongestion doesn’t happen. Energy doesn’t arrive there.

Chastity is attained. Frigidity has no relation with motherhood, it was intended with purity [1] in mind.


Uma mulher ajudada no parto por um homem podia perder 5 virtudes: pudor, pureza, fidelidade ao casamento, o bom exemplo e o espírito de sacrifício, uma vez que o cirurgião parteiro muitas vezes se aproveita da sua condição para se entregar a manipulações que incitavam à luxúria. 

Considerou-se até o final do século XVIII completamente desonesto, indecente e desprezível que uma mulher se entregasse nas mãos de parteiros.

"As analogias são tomadas do mundo animal, fornecidas pelas regras da natureza: as fêmeas prenhas abstêm-se. Quando o campo foi semeado devemos deixá-lo em repouso até ser feita a colheita". Clemente de Alexandria.

"Adúltero é o amoroso demasiado ardente com sua mulher. Que o homem domine o arrebatamento da volúpia e não se deixe levar com a precipitação à copula. Não há nada mais infame do amar uma esposa como uma amante". São Gerônimo.


Birth starts with uterine contractions at regular intervals that get stronger and quicker. When the birth time arrives, the expulsive period, the autonomous contractions of the uterus are helped by the mother, who feels she has to “push” down.

When the child is born, contractions stop, and expansion takes place, heightened by the vision of the child. The mother has given birth.

The “illumination by words”, analogy created by Socrates, whose mother was a midwife.

When we look in differente directions and take conscience of the process from the which we come, there is opportunity for freedom.

When we give space to our feelings and meditate on the attitudes we can have, freeing ourselves from our cultural restraints, we can prevent illnesses and change our way of life.

Meditation, relaxing, exercises that value unused muscular groups, will avoid future urinary incontinence, the falling of the pelvic organs, postural alterations, and will propitiate the true orgasms for a full life.