Saint Marguerite


  • Posted on: 6 December 2018
  • By: claudio

The changing of the Latin Virtus, that meant the conservation of energy, for Vitue, as repression of energy, brought confusion. 

Saint Marguerite of Good Birth. India, Private Collection Raquel Amaral

The story of Saint Marguerite, patron of good birth in the Western culture, is a story of resistance to seduction:

Olibur tries to seduce her. “Shameless dog”, she cries to the governor, during her torture. Tortured, with blood flowing from her body like a fountain, she exclaims: “You have power over my body, but God keeps my soul...” Her martyrdom is extensive, from whipping to the death on the fire. She dies virgin. So she receives the martyr crown and is turned into a saint.

She is considered a celestial mother in all the Christian West, protector of the mothers about to give birth. Women pray for the martyrized virgin so that she will help them in childbirth (watch video).

To say yes to sex is an awful sin. The guilt must be redeemed by a painful birth.