Pre Natal Sex Diagnostics


  • Posted on: 5 December 2018
  • By: claudio

Since the child inside the uterus is inaccessible, all cultures have used the imagination and intuition to expand observation and imagine the interior of the womb.

Man, we repeat, for thousands of years has guessed truths and meditated about then.

This knowledge forgotten, it weas only in the decade of 1970, with ultra-sound technology, that Western science starts to really learn what happens with the baby in the uterus. We have found descriptions of feeding advice, higyene, and how to diagnose the sex of the baby before birth in the Talmud, on Mohammed’s Coran, on the writings of Hipocrates, on Chinese Medicine and others.

For instance, for the diagnosis of the sex before birth, we see the observation of the sides of the pregnant woman.

The Arabs used to make the woman lie down; if she, when she was getting up, leaned on the rightr side, the child would be a boy.

The Chinese, developers of the acunpuncture, make the diagnostic of the child’s sex by the pulse’s characteristics. If it is soft and large, Yin, female; if it is hard and edgy, Yang. 

Chinese medicine has analized the circulation of vital energy, chi, for centuries, and they act on points and meridians to speed the birth labor(ver Analgesia e Aceleração do Parto de Cócoras com Homeopatia e Quimiopuntura), to inhibit it, to calm pains. They advised attention to the abortive points and about points to “clean” the ancestral energy.

Chinese Meridians

The Chinese have a rule based on the I-Ching to determine Sex, based on the age of the mother and time of fecundation: 


7x7 – (IMF + 19 + MF) = I [7x7 minus the mother’s age, plus 19, plus the number of the month of the fecundation]. If the result was odds, it was a boy; if it was even, it was a girl.

On the Bible, in Genesis, we see the importance of the laterality concept arising from the whole: “God made man according to his image; according to God’s image he created both male and female”. And how did God create women? 

“And God said: it is not good for man to be alone: I will make him a helper that will be in front of him... and man felt asleep: God took one of his ribs (...) And from the rib that God took from man, he formed a woman, and brought her to Adam (...) (Genesis 2, 18, 21).

Adam, hermafrodite, when he falls asleep, receives the woman taken from one of his sides.

Representation of the hermaphrodite, JAMSSTHALER, VIATORIUM SPAGYRICUM, 1625