The Mother's Face


  • Posted on: 4 December 2018
  • By: claudio

Look at the face of the mother. 


She goes through moments when the contractions are stronger, until the baby comes out, when a sense of relief occurs, expansion and pleasure, in which a mother will see her child.

She has contact with the child. She looks at it, listens to its cry, its sounds. She touches the child with the tips of her fingers, shy. She touches its shoulder (watch video), speaks to it, caresses its body.

Squatting Position, Curitiba, 1977. Photo: CP

There is a vibrating dance from mother to child, to mother, that orders the movements. The baby sees, smeels, sucks and listens (watch video); Its attention is complete.

The darkness of the birth room is full of emotion and a profound silence.

The umbilical cord is cut, the mother takes the baby and puts it against her breast. Most of the time, the baby sucks. It is born sucking. 


In twenty minutes on average the placenta gets unstuck. We cut the cord when it stops pulsing.

The baby, when it’s born, is conscient of what is going on around it. Different from adults, that receive information and compare it with the memory, compare and analyse, the newborn only feels impressions, the mother’s smell, her rythm, her touch, much more subtly and intensely than we do. Its filters are not elaborated by domestication. It has direct perception.

If there is tension in the air, it is felt. Ih there is rejection, it is accepted. If there is love, it impresses.