The Israelites Delivered on their Knees


  • Posted on: 5 December 2018
  • By: claudio

And how did the Hebrew women give birth?

The Bible says that the Pharaoh had ordered the midwives to kill all the Hebrew boys, leaving only the girls alive. The order was not followed. When asked why had they left the newborns live, the midwives answered:

“The women of Israel are not like the Egyptians. They are strong and have their children before the midwife arrives”.

The Israelis gave birth on their knees, with an assistant or the husband, as several passages from the Genesis seem to indicate, as for instance this one in Rachel: “Here you have my servant Bilha: may she come in, to have children over my knees, and so that I receive sons through her” (30, v.3). A similar reference is found on the book of Jo, chapter 3, ver. 12: “Why did the knees receive me? And the breasts, so that I could suck.”