The Exploration Curiosity


  • Posted on: 5 December 2018
  • By: claudio

The curiosity for exploration is a need as important as physical contact and feeding; it has been satisfied in all the peoples that have not undergone the occidental civilizating process.

Babies are carried around on the backs of the mothers. They walk, with the babies bouncing around, looking and enjoying themselves together with the mother at her talks.


Among the Indians, the family is large and the different ages live together. You see a newborn baby, on its mother’s back, playing with a finger, looking from one side to the other.

At its side there is a 9 year old sister, and an old grandmother. In this family, when the younger sister is born, the older is having a baby. It is a progression that never stops. The process of being born, growing, getting to be an adult, getting old, is a continuum. Age used to be measured, between them, by the blossoming of the bamboos, which happens every thirty years. The person that lives, lives with no interruption.

The Indian childbirth is a reaffirmation of their lifestyle. The Indians sit on the floor or in small stools – the “croque” – they rest and talk squatting down (watch video).

If we look at Asia, we see that in India the resting position is the same as for the Brazilian Indians.