The Contact and the Sensuality


  • Posted on: 5 December 2018
  • By: claudio

Sexual repression, trying to imprint a morality, punishing contact and sensuality, provoking shame, has caused confusion between elimination and the sexual orgasm.

There has been the linking of the sexual attitudes with the elimination attitudes and vice-versa. The image became unclear, associated with dirt and shame: “take your hands off there!”.

Elimination asks for isolation and sexuality also gets separated from the rest. The elimination act is easily associated with the violation of taboos deeply rooted in the Western culture, like the prohibition of manipulating the genitals in public or keeping them hidden.

The guilt complex generates tension, that prevents elimination. It is necessary to think of something else, to relax, and one of the ways to do that is reading.

The pais sex-sin is ever present in all those processes.

The elaboration of sexuality in the civilizing process has resulted in fear, guilt and duties, transforming the mankind’s desires which were vital, in perversion, greed, power and destruction.

The essence of sexuality was put away; the sensuality ever present on day-by-day life, with the feeling of the joining with the whole.

Civilized man turned against those feelings, afraid of loosing himself.

Birth, as weel as orgasm, have that possibility of fusion with the whole, of extasis, of love.

Both moments are related. For a birth to happen it is necessary to have fertilization.

With the exception of some religious cases, and the future is already underway, most men need to relate to each other.