Accelerating the Labor


  • Posted on: 4 December 2018
  • By: claudio

Going back to dilation.

In some places it is still recomended that the woman must lie down during that period.

But even Mauriceau, the obstetric doctor that around 1700 stimulated women to give birth lying down, recomended that the patient should walk the most possible and distract herself, arguing that the baby’s weight would act on the uterus cervix, speeding labor.

In fact, the act of walking around and distacting herself speed the labor, not only by the weight of the baby, but also because the efficiency of the uterine system improves; the uterine contractions are stronger and spaced out. That means that in a period of ten minutes the woman has less contractions than lying down, but with more efficiency.

By walking and distracting herself the woman’s nervous tension decreases, preventing stress.

That must valued. We must work not only with the woman, the husband, the family. It is fundamental also to work with the doctor, the midwives, the helpers, everybody that is around, even those that seem not to be participating. That is important and sometimes it is forgotten.